Thursday, 28 May 2015

5 Things I enjoy about being pregnant

1, Shopping for baby things
At first this scared me I didn't have a clue what I was buying. There is so much choice out there and its knowing what to buy for the best and what I actually really need. Luckily reading many blogs helped me though this and also family and friends advice. Once I started to buy things it become fun planning the nursery and buying his cute small clothes. I did get a lot of things including some clothes second hand from some baby markets I went along to. My favourite shopping trip was the Mothercare one where we got the push chair and a few other things. I cant wait to start using the push chair.

2, Just the feeling of him inside of me moving around
At first the thought of this also scared me. It felt strange to feel him moving inside of me. Then after a while you love it and I even do things to try and make him move so I know he is okay in there. I talk to him and get my partner to chat to him as I want him to recognise our voices when he comes out. My partner has not seen or felt him move much as my placenta is at the front which cushions his movements so we are less likely to see them although I still feel them.

3, Eating what I want
This is a little naughty as I know I should be eating healthy but I am not a very healthy eater anyway when I am not pregnant. I definitely eat more with a lot of it being unhealthy. I cant help it as that's what I want to eat so that's what I eat. I think my craving was chocolate so I have eaten a lot of that especially over Easter.

4, Knowing I finish work soon and get 10 months off
I have been happy at work training my work load out to my team and passing my work over. Knowing I am getting a ten month break makes me a little more excited even if I will be completely skint for most of it. I guess its not really a break as looking after my little boy will probably be harder work than actually working. Fingers crossed I have a good boy.

5, Having an excuse to have a party (baby shower)
My baby shower was amazing. My two friends organised this and it went really smoothly with everyone enjoying themselves. See my blog post on my Baby Shower if you would like to read more on this.

What did you enjoy the most or that you are enjoying the most about pregnancy?

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

What's in my baby hospital bag

I have made a YouTube video on what I have packed in my baby hospital bag but thought I would also list it on my blog. See below the link to my video and the list of baby items packed.

24 Baby nappies
Cotton wool pads
Sensitive baby wipes
Nappy rash cream
Baby powder
3 Baby sleepsuits
4 short sleeved vests
1 long sleeved vest
Going home outfit
Fleecy pram suit
3 Bibs
3 Muslim Cloths
2 Pairs of socks
2 Pairs of scratch mitts
Ready made baby milk
2 Baby bottles
2 Blankets

This is everything I have packed, if you think I have forgotten anything please comment below.

Link to my YouTube video for this post

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What's in my hospital bag

I have done a YouTube video on What's in my hospital bag but thought I would also put a blog post up as well so anybody who may be interested can look at a list as it may be easier. My link to my YouTube is below.

I have done a lot of research and investigation on this and I really hope I haven't missed anything.

2 x Nighties (ones I don't mind getting ruined)
1 x Shorts pyjamas set
Dressing gown
2 x Socks
5 x Knickers
2 Packs of maternity pads
1 Pack of breast pads
Nipple cream

Nursing bra
Going home outfit- Maxi dress

Dry shampoo
Shower gel
Hair ties & hair band
Lip balm
Ear plugs
Body spray
Energy drink
Flavoured water drink
Water spray
Phone charger/powerbank
Change for car park
Hospital notes

These are just the things I need and I will do a separate post for baby boys hospital bag. COMING SOON

Please comment and let me know if you think I have forgotten anything.

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

My Baby Shower

I had my baby shower on Sunday 3rd May and it went so well and we had such a good time I thought I would write a blog about it.

I sent my invites out a couple of months before the date so people could save the date. Although I booked it on a bank holiday weekend without realising which meant some people couldn't make it.

With it being May bank holiday I was hoping for sunshine so I could have a lovely garden party. This didn't go to plan as it rained all day so we were all stuck in the lounge, all 15 of us. Very cosy in my small lounge.

My two best mates planned the party for me and they done an excellent job. They brought some lovely blue decorations and drinks and they planned the games. The games we played were....

The string game- Everyone has to cut a piece of string to the length they thought my bump was and the closest won. That was funny as some were massive.
Dress the baby- We had 3 dolls and lots of baby cloths and it was a race to see who could get the most clothing on the doll in 30 seconds. The one with the most won.
Guess the baby food- We had 3 jars of baby food with the labels taken off and we had to guess what they were by look and taste. This was a little disgusting but that made it funny.
Guess the baby photo- We all brought a baby photo of ourselves to the party and we then had to guess who was who and the one with the most correct guesses won. They sneaked a baby photo of my boyfriend on this one and even I didn't catch on to this.

We had so much fun playing the games and the time just flew by. My baby shower was 3 hours long. We played the games and had sandwiches and crisps and then cakes. My Mum made the cakes and she did so well with them I was very impressed. Her name is now down for making the baby boys birthday cakes for the next few years.

My two best friends also made a cute whale themed notice board for the baby boys room. Then they got everyone to write down their predictions on baby boy date, time, hair colour etc. These all went onto the notice board and I can then see who gets the closest prediction when he arrives. This notice board was a great idea as I will use this for photos to keep in his room as he grows up. Its such a nice idea and so personal as it was hand made by my friends.

At the end of the baby shower I was then showered with the gifts. I had so many gifts I really wasn't expecting as many as I received and it took me ages to open them all. Everything I received was so useful and I loved everything I had. I do have some lovely friends and I really appreciated all of the gifts. 

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Monday, 4 May 2015

OOTD Wedding


Wedding Outfit

Do you know how much of a mission it is to buy a nice outfit for a wedding when you are 33 weeks pregnant? I couldn't buy the outfit too early as I was unsure on how big I would be and how the dress would look on until closer to the time. I actually picked an outfit two days before the wedding and I was panicking I wouldn't find one in time.

This is what I finally found.

The dress is a maxi dress and fits perfectly on my bump. It is from Matalan and cost only £16. The cardigan was from Primark and I think this cost £8 I brought this a couple of weeks ago.
The sandals below were also from Primark and cost only £8 a bargain as I think they are really pretty sandals.

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

April Favourites

April Favourites

1, Chocolate and Easter Eggs
Everyone loves chocolate which means everyone loves Easter. I done really well this year especially as I am an adult. I got a total of 6 eggs which I am still trying to get through now a month later. I will not share though I am being a mean on that one.

2, You Tube Channel
I have a new favourite YouTube Channel that I have started to watch and its Emily, Jack and Indianna see link attached. Its a very down to earth normal family and I am watching there videos from day 1 to get tips on being a new mum. I still have many more to catch up on yet so looking forward to watching them.

3, Tanya Burr book
I got this for an Easter present from boyfriend instead of chocolate. I haven't finished reading it yet but have enjoyed what I have read so far. I have also tried two of the recipes from there which have also been a success. I may do a review just on this book so I will not write too much about it in this post.

4, Baby Events
Tesco and Asda have both had baby events on this month. I have post and emails from them both informing me this is coming up. I like these events as the nappies, wipes and other things for my baby boy go on offer and its a good time to buy and get stocked up for when he is here. I have purchased things from both shops and picked up some great bargains.

What were your favourites for April?

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Bexmorts xx