Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Second Trimester Survival Kit

Second Trimester Survival Kit

Its hard to believe that I am already six months pregnant already. Time is flying by so quickly.
I put a blog post up back in January with my First Trimester Survival Kit so thought I would do the same for my Second Trimester.
So here is my Second Trimester Survival Kit.

1, Pregnancy Pillow
A must have for any pregnant women. Makes sleeping more comfy and this helped me sleep much better at night.
My partner brought me this for Valentines Day and it was the perfect gift at the right time, after I dropped many hints to him. :-)
These pillows can also come in use once the baby has been born as it can be used as a nursing pillow to help feed the baby.

2, Heartburn Tablets
My heartburn comes and goes. I think it all depends on how much and what I eat. Usually it kicks in when I lay in bed ready to go to sleep or during the night.
Once I have taken just one tablet I start to feel better. Most pregnant women suffer from heartburn at this point of pregnancy so have some ready for when it kicks in.

3, Chocolate
This may just be personal to me. During the beginning of the second Trimester I wanted Chocolate everyday. So that was what I had. Either a bar of chocolate or a hot chocolate. Maybe this was my craving. But it has worn off a little now I am in my third Trimester.

4, Maternity Jeans/ Clothing
I still get away with wearing my normal leggings. But have had to change to Maternity dresses, tops and jeans now the bump is getting a lot bigger. I love my jeans the best which are from next and have the elastic waist which goes under the bump. I was lucky and got given a lot of second hand maternity clothing from a couple of friends. This has saved me a lot of money.

5, Relaxing Baths
I love my baths whether I am pregnant or not. But while being pregnant I think its helped me to relax in the evenings and feel all refreshed. I have a bath every night and some nights I will treat myself to a Lush bath bomb or bath salts. This may be something that I might not find easy to do once the baby is here as I wont have as much alone time.

My First Trimester Survival Kit also still applies as I still used all of them throughout the second Trimester. The water and the vitamins are still very important during the whole pregnancy. I use stretch mark cream every day after I get out of the bath and I am still stretch mark free.

I hope you enjoyed reading todays blog post. Please comment and let me know your second and third trimester must haves.

Bexmorts xx

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