Saturday, 31 January 2015

First Trimester Feelings

First Trimester Feelings

How I felt in my first trimester of pregnancy was nothing like I expected it to be like.
The reason I decided to do a pregnancy test was because I felt so exhausted and just didn't feel right. I cannot explain how exhausted I felt during these first three month. I was so tired every day and found it hard to do anything or have the motivation to do anything. I don't think there is any cure for this you just have to get through it. I just had lots of baths and early nights and didn't do a lot at the weekends. My social life went downhill for these first 4 months until I felt normal again.

The feelings I had about the pregnancy were very mixed. I was scared, excited, nervous, happy I actually think every emotion and feeling was with me. I think all these emotions got me feeling down and this made me feel bad as I should had been happy and over the moon. Maybe it was my hormones as they apparently go crazy during pregnancy.

I was looking into the future just seeing how much my life is going to change within the next few months and that is a scary feeling. Although I am very happy and excited about the change its always scary to face a change.

I suffered really bad with nausea and felt sick most mornings and evenings. It is hard to feel happy and good about yourself when you feel this way. I was struggling to eat but forced myself as I knew this would make the sickness go away. I got full so quickly and wasn't eating big meals just small and often food was all I could manage. Fresh air helped a lot with getting rid of the sickness feeling. So my drive to work always helped me to feel a lot better. My car windows were wide open and I would be sat freezing on my journey to work.

My first scan which was at 16 weeks felt so strange. I know that may sound horrible but it was a bit of a shock seeing my baby on the screen moving about inside me. I think that was when it really hit me that I was pregnant even though I had known for 9 weeks before this point. You just feel like there is nothing inside as you don't feel anything at early stages. Then seeing it makes it real.
Now I have hit my second trimester I feel back to normal and I hope now it stays this way.
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