Saturday, 31 January 2015

First Trimester Feelings

First Trimester Feelings

How I felt in my first trimester of pregnancy was nothing like I expected it to be like.
The reason I decided to do a pregnancy test was because I felt so exhausted and just didn't feel right. I cannot explain how exhausted I felt during these first three month. I was so tired every day and found it hard to do anything or have the motivation to do anything. I don't think there is any cure for this you just have to get through it. I just had lots of baths and early nights and didn't do a lot at the weekends. My social life went downhill for these first 4 months until I felt normal again.

The feelings I had about the pregnancy were very mixed. I was scared, excited, nervous, happy I actually think every emotion and feeling was with me. I think all these emotions got me feeling down and this made me feel bad as I should had been happy and over the moon. Maybe it was my hormones as they apparently go crazy during pregnancy.

I was looking into the future just seeing how much my life is going to change within the next few months and that is a scary feeling. Although I am very happy and excited about the change its always scary to face a change.

I suffered really bad with nausea and felt sick most mornings and evenings. It is hard to feel happy and good about yourself when you feel this way. I was struggling to eat but forced myself as I knew this would make the sickness go away. I got full so quickly and wasn't eating big meals just small and often food was all I could manage. Fresh air helped a lot with getting rid of the sickness feeling. So my drive to work always helped me to feel a lot better. My car windows were wide open and I would be sat freezing on my journey to work.

My first scan which was at 16 weeks felt so strange. I know that may sound horrible but it was a bit of a shock seeing my baby on the screen moving about inside me. I think that was when it really hit me that I was pregnant even though I had known for 9 weeks before this point. You just feel like there is nothing inside as you don't feel anything at early stages. Then seeing it makes it real.
Now I have hit my second trimester I feel back to normal and I hope now it stays this way.
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Saturday, 24 January 2015

First Trimester Survival Kit

                                                              First Trimester Survival Kit

My First Baby Blog

I haven't done a blog post for a while, this is due to a couple of reasons. I have been very busy moving house and coming to terms with my new life to come.
The other reason was because a few people were commenting on how bad my grammar was on my blogs so it put me off writing any for a while. I have now decided as I enjoy writing blogs and taking the photos that I will continue and if people like to read them then that's a bonus.

So I am expecting my first baby and thought I would start doing some baby blogs, as this is what is happening in my life at the moment. My first baby blog is going to be ' First Trimester Survival Kit.

Pregnacare Original Vitamins
You have to take certain vitamins while you are pregnant this was something I didn't even know when I first found out I was pregnant. I picked these vitamins up in Boots as they are for pregnant women and contain all the vitamins you need. I brought these on 3 for 2 and they are £4.10 a box.

I have been told its very important to drink lots of water and keep hydrated while pregnant so I always have bottled water with me where ever I go.

Stretch Mark cream/oil
I have been using stretch mark cream since I found out I was pregnant as I would imagine your skin starts to stretch straight from the beginning. I have started with the cream but I am going to try the oil as well. I don't know which cream or oil is the best. I had the Cussons Mum and Me Bump range free in my Bounty Pack so I am currently using this one. I just picked up a cheap oil to try for £1.99 but haven't tried this yet but oil is supposed to be the best thing to prevent stretch marks.

Bath Time
I have a bath every night as I find this relaxing. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was very exhausted and having a bath was the best part of the day. You can get bubble bath for mums to be so would also recommend trying one of these. I have the Mum and Me Sleep Tight Baby Bath.

Bounty Pack
You can get Bounty packs from your local Boots store. I would recommend going to pick this up as its a great started kit. You have lots of advice and freebies. I am signing up to a lot of stores, shops and websites for coupons and freebies. I have so far signed up to Boots, Asda, Bounty, Emmas Diary, Aptaclub and I am sure there are many more. Comment below if you know of any good ones.

I hope you enjoyed reading my come back baby blog. I will keep blogging and hope you all enjoy reading them. Comment below if you have any good advice for the second trimester or know of any recommendations on stretch mark cream.

Bexmorts xx