Thursday, 9 October 2014

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Tea I love to Drink

I love drinking tea. Here are photos of the tea I love to drink.
My morning tea is this Twinings English Breakfast. I have this every morning at work and I cant start my day without this. Tea wakes me up and makes me feel human again.
During my day at work I drink loads of English Breakfast tea but when I fancy a change or sometimes when I get home from work I like a Green Tea. I have Green Tea with Honey and also Green Tea Tropical, Green Tea is healthy and good to help detox your body.
So this is my night time tea as its a Soothing and Calming tea. It smells gorgeous and the taste is so good. It contains Camomile, Honey and Vanilla. This helps me to sleep. zzzzzzzzz
Hope you enjoyed my Blog. Tell me your favourite teas and I may give them a try.
Bexmorts xx

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