Thursday, 25 September 2014

Top Ten Tag

I have been nominated for the Top Ten Tag by Elle at Notes of Pentranella. So like every Tag I get tagged in I will love to continue and give you my Top Ten. Thank you Elle

So here are the rules

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This Tag was made by Jessica Vannan at Pretty Chit Chat 
I was tagged by Elle at Notes Of Petranella
I would like to nominate

1, Foundation
I use and have used for a couple of years the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation in the shade 10 Ivory. this matches my skin well and makes my skin more natural looking as I don't like to wear too much make up.
2, Powder
I use the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural powder. I have only just started using this lately as I forgot I had it. But this finished off my foundation perfect.
3, Concealer
My favourite has to be the Rimmel London Wake Me Up this is a great concealer I use this under my eyes and on any blemishes I may have at the time.
4, Blush
Blush isn't something I usually use and I only actually own one Blush so this has to be the one I list here. Rimmel London Powder Blush in the shade 004 Pink Rose. I need to find a blush I like and start to wear this more especially during the winter to make my skin look glowing.
5, Bronzer
The Bronzer I am currently using and love is Maybelline Dream Terra Sun I brought this months ago and its still lasting me. I love using Bronzer maybe a bit too much some days. Oops
6, Highlighter
This is new to me as only come across Highlighter when reading Blogs recently and I am also new to the Blogging world. So now I know I need to invest in a highlighter this will be one of my next makeup purchases as I do not yet own one. Any recommendations would be good in comments below.
7, Mascara
I love the Falsies Volum Express mascara by Maybelline. I have used this for a couple of years and it makes my lushes look amazing. I have had so many comments, people even asking me if they are my real lashes.
8, Eye shadow
I don't wear eye shadow much mainly because I am rubbish at applying this. The eye shadows I have in my makeup bag currently are the BarryM Dazzle Dust in the shades 1 and 51 they go perfect together and I use these for a night out. I don't wear eyes shadow during the day.
9, Brows
This is a new thing I have started doing and again only just learnt about from peoples blogs. I ordered the Avon perfect eyebrow kit. I have this in the shade blonde. I love how good it shapes my brows for me. I cant say this is my favourite as its the only eyebrow product I have used. So I plan to try some more out before I pick my favourite.
10, Lips
I use the Vaseline on my lips first then apply my favourite lipstick which at the moment is the MAC Matte Pink Plaid shade. A nice pastel colour that suits my face tone.

Thank you for reading.
Bexmorts xx

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