Thursday, 28 August 2014

Weekly Favourites 28th August 2014

Favourites 28.08.2014
1, Bourjois CC Cream (Colour correction)
I seen this product recommended on You Tube by Gemma Jade another one of my favourite You Tube channels.
I wanted to try out a BB or CC cream so thought I would try this first. I got this on Saturday and it cost me £10. Its so amazing and works really well on my skin. I use this every day now and its my favourite current product.
2, Lush Bath bomb
I used my first Lush Bath Bomb today and it was sooo nice. I went for the Dragons Egg which was recommend to me as it lasts the longest in your bath. It was so nice it changed the colour of your bath to yellow but has lots of other different colours in the bomb. This also has popping candy and you can hear this popping in your bath. I find it hard to explain smells, but this smelt like a scent I have smelt in a spa before. Cant wait to try my next bath bomb.
3, Shopping
I went shopping twice over the bank holiday weekend. Once with friends on Saturday then with my mum on Monday. Its so nice to spend time with people close to you and shopping is always fun. I went to Bath both times and I managed not to spend too much money. Well behaved me.
4, Becky CJ
Zoella recommened Becky CJ in her recent favourites video on You Tube. I had to give it a try so downloaded her 2 LPs from I-Tunes. Zoella was right she is so good and I cant stop listening to her on repeat for the past week. Her music is so chilled and she has a lovely voice. She sounds a little like Kate Nash whos  music I also love.
5, Nivea Day Cream
This is my daily cream I use in the morning. I know its only a cheap moisturiser but it does the job for me. Its light on your skin so you feel all refreshed. It also contains SPF 15 which is useful in the summer. I would recommend this as a good cheap day cream to put on your skin under your make up.
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