Thursday, 14 August 2014

Weekly Favourites 14th August 2014


1, Kimono Top
I brought this at the weekend when I went shopping. Its so pretty and looks so good on. This is from Primark and only costs £10. Also goes with so many colours of clothing.

2, Coconut & Vanilla Cream Candle
This candle also from Primark and purchased at the weekend. I love the Primark candles and they are so cheap costing only £1.00. The scent is really gorgeous and as soon as you walk in the room you can smell the scent from the candle.

3, Yoga and my Yoga Mat
Tonight I went to Yoga, first time in weeks. I am feeling very stressed at the moment with work and a few other things. Yoga really helps with this as it clears your mind and helps you to relax. I love how I feel after the class. I want to try and stick with this and go once a week.
My Yoga Mat I got from Very catalogue and its from Pineapple.

4, 24 Season One
I started watching 24 in March and finally watched the last episode last night. Yes I know it has taken me a long time to get to the end, but come on it is 24 episodes ha ha. This is such a good TV programme and  I would highly recommend it. I don't get into TV that easily but this kept me interested all through the whole season. I have heard from people that the next season is not as good, but I will give it ago.

5, Bloglovin
I have finally worked out how to use Bloglovin. I am new to all this and it takes me a while to work out how things work. I love this and get very excited when I have new followers. I now also have the app on my phone so I can keep track of everybody else's blogs throughout the day. I just love it. Please follow me

I hope you enjoyed my blog this week. Sorry no beauty favourites this week.
Thanks for reading

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