Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Bath Shop Photos

My new Lush products
So since I have got into reading Blogs and watching You Tube channels I have been introduced to the LUSH shop. I have fallen in love with this shop and cant stop buying new things from there.
The above photos show some of my recent purchases which are,
1, Bubble Bar
The lady in the shop recommended The Comforter so this is what made me buy this one. As well as smelling gorgeous its pretty big as well so think I will get a few baths out of this bar. 
Price £4.50
2, Bath Bombs
I have got the Dragons Egg which again was recommended by the lady in the shop. She said this one last the longest with the fizziness in your bath and also in the book it describes this as popping candy and swirling sparkles. Sounds so exciting and cant wait to try this.
Price £3.25
The other bath bomb I got was Twilight, this one caught my eye as its looked pretty with the purple colour and the stars and moon shapes on it. This has lavender in it so should help me to relax and sleep.
Price £3.25
3, Fresh Face Mask
I was unsure on which face mask to buy but picked this one out. There are so many to pick from. So I have gone for BB Seaweed. I love a relaxing bath with a face mask and plan to use this soon. I think I may do a whole blog on reviewing this product so keep an eye out for that.
Price £6.50
4, Lip Scrub
I have read so much about these in Blogs and it sounded like something different that I just had to try out. I went for the Bubblegum flavour. I have already tried this and I have to admit this is so gorgeous and tastes yummy.
Price £5.50
I also have in the photo the latest Lush catalogue showing all the shops products. Some light reading to keep me entertained.
So what are you favourite Lush products? Please comment below so I know what to buy next time I visit.
Thanks for reading

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