Thursday, 31 July 2014

Weekly Favourites 31st July 2014

31.07.2014 Favourites
I have had a very busy active week. With an interesting Friday evening bike ride where my friends peddle fell off half way through the ride then a drink in the beer garden.
Saturday was my nieces birthday so helped out with the birthday party, then had a BBQ Saturday evening see previous blog.
Sunday I was catching up with friends in a cute little café in our town then a trip to Bath shopping. Shopping Haul will be my next blog so look out for that. Then my working week but manage to fit in a Mexican food night with my cousins and a nice run/walk along the canal tonight with a friend.
Now time for my weekly favourites. Enjoy.
1, Bed Head TIGI
Bed head Shampoo and Conditioner for colour Highlighted hair or Bleached Blonde Babes. Its strengthens your hair and helps it look vibrancy and healthy looking. These products smell gorgeous as well. My salon uses this on my hair which made me want to purchase. I found them in our local bargain shop for just £10 each a lot cheaper than the salons charge.
2, Loom Bands
Okay yes I know this is for children but when I went to my nieces birthday party and all the girls showed me how to make loom bracelets I then become addicted. I popped to town to even buy packs of my own bands and have made 3 of my friends bracelets which they will love. Well they say they do and they seem to wear them. It can be quite therapeutic so give it ago and its so easy. Just look on You Tube to learn how to makes these. Or comment below and I will do a blog on this.
3, Avon Lip Crayon
I see a lot of blogs mentioning the lip crayons so thought I had to try this out. I seen this in the Avon book and purchased one. The Avon crayon is actually very good. I got this in the Nude colour. It looks really nice on my lips and suits my skin tone. Worth a buy.
4, Eye roll on
GATINEAU moisture replenish eye roll-on this was given to my as a gift from a friend but its quite an expensive roll-on. I love it and use it 1-2 times a day. In the morning its great for waking your eyes up and in the evening I put some on to help moisturise my eye area.
5,Bradford On Avon
My last favourite this week in Bradford On Avon. I have been here this week for a walk along the canal. I am lucky to live near such a beautiful town as its only 10 minutes away from where I live. Its great for going along the canal for a relaxing peaceful walk and seeing all the canal boats. If you ever pass by this way you should definitely stop off for a wonder round. Some lovely views and lovely pubs to.
Thank you for reading