Thursday, 24 July 2014

Weekly Favourites 24th July 2014

24.07.2014 Favourites
1. Straw Cups
These cups are so cute. My two good friends come over for a Pizza and a movie on Friday night and they brought these funky cups for us to use for the evening. I had a pink obviously as this is my favourite colour. I had Pimms in mine on Friday. The only downside with these is they are a nightmare to wash up. They are from Morrison's and costs around £1.50. Lovely gifts though. Thanks H and J. x 
2. Ariana Grande
She is my favourite artist at the moment. I have downloaded the 'Yours Truly' album on I-Tunes which is her 2013 album but I love every song on this album and am currently listening to this every day at work and in my car. My favourite song on this album is 'The Way' (Spanglish version). Also I am in love with her latest single 'Problem' with Iggy Azalea which is on the radio every day so you can't miss this.
3. Starbucks Cool Lime
This drink is so refreshing and tastes delicious. Its been so hot in the UK this week so this has been a really nice drink to chill out and drink at the moment. We have a Starbucks in my office and I am addicted to this. Its part of the Starbucks Refresha range. Treat yourself and give it a try.
4. Simple Facial Wash
So this is called a radiance brightening facial wash, Mango goodness for healthy glowing skin. I seen this on the shelf in the shop and thought it looks different to just a normal facial wash. As soon as I first used it I thought it was so good. It foams in your hand and it has like a pearly glow to it. Once I have used this my skin feels so cleansed, moisturised and clean. I use this currently in the morning and the evening as part of my skin routine. Its a really good cheap face wash. SMILE ITS SIMPLE
5. Lace Skater Dress
Such a pretty dress from and it was in the sale for only £8.00 down from £20.00. I wore this at the weekend and it fits and looks really nice on. The front lace at the top of the dress is in shape of a heart and there is lace on the back of the dress. Also comes in black and white I think. But be quick its selling fast. (I might buy this in black as well) 

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