Thursday, 17 July 2014

Weekly Favourites- 17th july 2014

17.07.2014 Favourites
So here goes this weeks favourites my second ever blog. ENJOY
1, Pink Bag
This bag is a gorgeous pink colour and an idea shoulder bag. This bag is from Primark and costs only £6.00. This is such a bargain and its good quality so I feel it will last me a long time.
2, Gel Finish Nail Polish
This is a beautiful pink colour from Avon which cots £7.00. Sometimes you can get this cheap on offer half price. The colour I purchased was P806 Dazzle pink. I put this on my nails on Monday and its still lasting today (Thursday). I plan to buy more Gel nail polish from Avon after trying this one out.
3, Map My Run App
I downloaded this App last week as kept seeing it popping up on Facebook. I am trying to exercise more lately and this is great for motivation. You can pick the activity you wish to do for example, walk, run cycle and many more. It then records your distance, calories, time plus many more while showing you a map of your workout with GPS. Download this app for my information. I use this every day when I go walking at lunch time.
4, Spray and Go Vaseline
This is amazing for when you are in a rush in the mornings. You literally just spray this on your skin give it a quick rub and you are all ready and moisturised to go. I have cocoa radiant which smells delicious just like chocolate. So simple and quick to use.
5, Spa Find Energizing Toning Spray- Renewed Radiance
This has actually been a favourite of mine for the last 4 years, but seeing as I have only just started blogging I needed to share this with you. I had a facial at a spa one day and they used this on my skin which made me buy a bottle and I have purchased 3 more since. The bottle is 250ml so lasts up to a year. I spray this on my face first thing in the morning and in the evening before I moisturise. Its so refreshing and hydrating to my skin. Costs around £15-£20

Okay so that's my favourite 5 for this week. I am going to start blogging about other stuff now. So look out for another exciting blog at the weekend.

Thank you for reading

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