Sunday, 27 July 2014

Happy Summer BBQ

My Photos from my BBQ on Sat evening

I have such a great weekend so far and done so many things. But the one thing I have chosen to Blog about is the BBQ I had yesterday in the evening. I am going to write 5 tips on how to have a Happy Summer BBQ. Happy reading.

1, Planning
So first thing to check is the weather, look at the weather forecast to make sure no rain is coming in. If no then you should go ahead. Next thing is invites, get texting/ringing the people you would like to invite. Might be a good idea to suggest they bring some food or drink along with them. I decided on my BBQ last min at 4pm yesterday and just had it with my housemate. So that was my preparation done in about 5 minutes.

2, Preparation
So the next thing to do is to go shopping for the food, drink and BBQ accessories. I popped into my local supermarket and brought,
Lamb mint Burgers
Homemade Beef Burgers
Chinese style kebabs
BBQ kebabs
Mojito Mix, mint, lime and lemons
Crisps and dip
Bread rolls
Disposable BBQ (as we don't have a BBQ)
All this come to around £14

3, Lets get started
So we lit the BBQ as we all know this needs doing a bit in advance otherwise your food will not cook properly it will just burn. I got a jug for my Mojito mix and put the mix in with ice, lemon, limes and fresh mint leaves. Looked amazing and tasted gorgeous. See photo above. I sat and drunk my cocktail with my crisps and dip until the BBQ was ready to cook.

4, BBQ is ready
Chuck your meat on ready to cook. I didn't do this part as I am not trusted to cook on the BBQ in our house haha. So I watched as my housemate done this while he attacks me with the cooking utensils. Before eating best to check the meat is cooked all the way through. Don't want anybody getting food poisoning now do we.

5, Eat and Enjoy
So time to eat and drink and enjoy the food. I love BBQ always tastes so yummy. Afterwards why not play some games. Maybe card games or Jenga always a good game. Just have fun and enjoy being outside in the long summer evenings.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed.

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