Thursday, 10 July 2014

FIRST EVER BLOG- 10th July 2014 Favourites

10.07.2014 Favourites

Welcome to my first EVER blog.

This is my weekly Favourites for 10th July 2014. See photo above (sorry not very clear need to improve on that)

1, My iPad
I only purchased this 3 weeks ago and I am ADDICTED I am not sure how I lived without this. I love watching my beauty You Tube videos on this and also keeping up to date with all my social media sites. So much easier than using my phone. 

2, LUSH Lip Scrub
So I went shopping in Bath at the weekend and treated myself to a few goodies. This Lip Scrub was one of them. I had seen it on the internet and thought I need to try this. I suffer from really dry lips probably from the lack of water I don't drink. So this scrub was great for exfoliating my lips. Its like eating a sugar doughnut and you end up just licking it off. But the scrub before you lick it off makes your lips all nice and soft. I have Bubble gum flavour but they also do this in Popcorn and Mint flavours as well. It cost around £5.

3, Hawaiian Tropic Body Butter
Another beauty must have for me this week is this Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body butter. It smells gorgeous and makes my skin silky soft. The scent is described as fresh lime coolada.You put it on your body and it feels like your on holiday just from the scent.

4, Mac Lipstick
Also on my shopping trip to Bath at the weekend I purchased my first ever MAC Lipstick. OMG you need to buy some of these if you do not yet own one. Mine costs just £15.50 from the MAC store. It applies on your lips really easily and also lasts longer than most lipsticks. How did I pick my colour? As soon as I walked into the store a nice gentlemen welcomed me and helped me straight away. I told him I was looking for an every day lipstick that wasn't shiny and was a pastel pink colour. I ended up with the colour PINK PLAID Matte lipstick. I love it.

5, The Fault In Our Stars
So my last favourites of the week is a film I watched at the cinema on Tuesday night. I went with two of my good friends and we had a proper girly night at the cinema with loads of popcorn and fizzy drinks. I will be honest I wasn't expecting much before I went to see this film but there was a little twist in it and I was gripped from beginning till end. I don't want to say too much as wouldn't want to ruin it for anybody. But definitely a must see and don't forget your tissues.

Please comment, tell me your favourites or any suggestions or comments about my first blog.
Thank you for reading

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  1. Niiiice :D gonna buy me some lip balm Ahaha this was good, good length and interesting. I expect regular updates. Or I'll shout at you :P