Thursday, 31 July 2014

Weekly Favourites 31st July 2014

31.07.2014 Favourites
I have had a very busy active week. With an interesting Friday evening bike ride where my friends peddle fell off half way through the ride then a drink in the beer garden.
Saturday was my nieces birthday so helped out with the birthday party, then had a BBQ Saturday evening see previous blog.
Sunday I was catching up with friends in a cute little cafĂ© in our town then a trip to Bath shopping. Shopping Haul will be my next blog so look out for that. Then my working week but manage to fit in a Mexican food night with my cousins and a nice run/walk along the canal tonight with a friend.
Now time for my weekly favourites. Enjoy.
1, Bed Head TIGI
Bed head Shampoo and Conditioner for colour Highlighted hair or Bleached Blonde Babes. Its strengthens your hair and helps it look vibrancy and healthy looking. These products smell gorgeous as well. My salon uses this on my hair which made me want to purchase. I found them in our local bargain shop for just £10 each a lot cheaper than the salons charge.
2, Loom Bands
Okay yes I know this is for children but when I went to my nieces birthday party and all the girls showed me how to make loom bracelets I then become addicted. I popped to town to even buy packs of my own bands and have made 3 of my friends bracelets which they will love. Well they say they do and they seem to wear them. It can be quite therapeutic so give it ago and its so easy. Just look on You Tube to learn how to makes these. Or comment below and I will do a blog on this.
3, Avon Lip Crayon
I see a lot of blogs mentioning the lip crayons so thought I had to try this out. I seen this in the Avon book and purchased one. The Avon crayon is actually very good. I got this in the Nude colour. It looks really nice on my lips and suits my skin tone. Worth a buy.
4, Eye roll on
GATINEAU moisture replenish eye roll-on this was given to my as a gift from a friend but its quite an expensive roll-on. I love it and use it 1-2 times a day. In the morning its great for waking your eyes up and in the evening I put some on to help moisturise my eye area.
5,Bradford On Avon
My last favourite this week in Bradford On Avon. I have been here this week for a walk along the canal. I am lucky to live near such a beautiful town as its only 10 minutes away from where I live. Its great for going along the canal for a relaxing peaceful walk and seeing all the canal boats. If you ever pass by this way you should definitely stop off for a wonder round. Some lovely views and lovely pubs to.
Thank you for reading

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Happy Summer BBQ

My Photos from my BBQ on Sat evening

I have such a great weekend so far and done so many things. But the one thing I have chosen to Blog about is the BBQ I had yesterday in the evening. I am going to write 5 tips on how to have a Happy Summer BBQ. Happy reading.

1, Planning
So first thing to check is the weather, look at the weather forecast to make sure no rain is coming in. If no then you should go ahead. Next thing is invites, get texting/ringing the people you would like to invite. Might be a good idea to suggest they bring some food or drink along with them. I decided on my BBQ last min at 4pm yesterday and just had it with my housemate. So that was my preparation done in about 5 minutes.

2, Preparation
So the next thing to do is to go shopping for the food, drink and BBQ accessories. I popped into my local supermarket and brought,
Lamb mint Burgers
Homemade Beef Burgers
Chinese style kebabs
BBQ kebabs
Mojito Mix, mint, lime and lemons
Crisps and dip
Bread rolls
Disposable BBQ (as we don't have a BBQ)
All this come to around £14

3, Lets get started
So we lit the BBQ as we all know this needs doing a bit in advance otherwise your food will not cook properly it will just burn. I got a jug for my Mojito mix and put the mix in with ice, lemon, limes and fresh mint leaves. Looked amazing and tasted gorgeous. See photo above. I sat and drunk my cocktail with my crisps and dip until the BBQ was ready to cook.

4, BBQ is ready
Chuck your meat on ready to cook. I didn't do this part as I am not trusted to cook on the BBQ in our house haha. So I watched as my housemate done this while he attacks me with the cooking utensils. Before eating best to check the meat is cooked all the way through. Don't want anybody getting food poisoning now do we.

5, Eat and Enjoy
So time to eat and drink and enjoy the food. I love BBQ always tastes so yummy. Afterwards why not play some games. Maybe card games or Jenga always a good game. Just have fun and enjoy being outside in the long summer evenings.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Weekly Favourites 24th July 2014

24.07.2014 Favourites
1. Straw Cups
These cups are so cute. My two good friends come over for a Pizza and a movie on Friday night and they brought these funky cups for us to use for the evening. I had a pink obviously as this is my favourite colour. I had Pimms in mine on Friday. The only downside with these is they are a nightmare to wash up. They are from Morrison's and costs around £1.50. Lovely gifts though. Thanks H and J. x 
2. Ariana Grande
She is my favourite artist at the moment. I have downloaded the 'Yours Truly' album on I-Tunes which is her 2013 album but I love every song on this album and am currently listening to this every day at work and in my car. My favourite song on this album is 'The Way' (Spanglish version). Also I am in love with her latest single 'Problem' with Iggy Azalea which is on the radio every day so you can't miss this.
3. Starbucks Cool Lime
This drink is so refreshing and tastes delicious. Its been so hot in the UK this week so this has been a really nice drink to chill out and drink at the moment. We have a Starbucks in my office and I am addicted to this. Its part of the Starbucks Refresha range. Treat yourself and give it a try.
4. Simple Facial Wash
So this is called a radiance brightening facial wash, Mango goodness for healthy glowing skin. I seen this on the shelf in the shop and thought it looks different to just a normal facial wash. As soon as I first used it I thought it was so good. It foams in your hand and it has like a pearly glow to it. Once I have used this my skin feels so cleansed, moisturised and clean. I use this currently in the morning and the evening as part of my skin routine. Its a really good cheap face wash. SMILE ITS SIMPLE
5. Lace Skater Dress
Such a pretty dress from and it was in the sale for only £8.00 down from £20.00. I wore this at the weekend and it fits and looks really nice on. The front lace at the top of the dress is in shape of a heart and there is lace on the back of the dress. Also comes in black and white I think. But be quick its selling fast. (I might buy this in black as well) 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

How to be Summer Happy

So Summer is here and I want to give you 5 tips on how to be Happy during the summer months.

1, Spending time with family and friends
Always important to do this and can make any person happy. Get together with people and have a BBQ, Picnic, meals and drinks in beer gardens or even just a walk. Spend time with people outside in the sunshine soaking up the rays.

I love Festivals

2, Festivals and Street Parties
I love festivals and would recommend everybody to give this a go once in their life even if its just a day pass for a festival. I went to the Isle of Wight festival last year and it was such a great experience and one I will never forget. But also keep an eye on local festivals, street parties and anything going on near to where you live. I went to my local towns street party last weekend and it was such a laugh. I live near Bath and Bristol and we have many things going on. If you are not sure what's going on just Google or keep an eye on social media sites.

Abba Tribute Band In local Street Party

Street Party in Westbury Town

Summer exercise is much more motivating as we all want that bikini body. In the summer you could go for a bike ride, go stretching or do yoga out on the grass. You could even just go for a walk before or after work in the week. If you are a lot fitter than me then why not go running. Don't forget to use the app MAPMYRUN as recommended in this weeks favourites. I have just joined a running club but have not yet attended oops.

4, Music
So music makes everyone's moods better, well depending on what song you pick. If I ever wake up feeling a little down I would put DJ Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince 'Summertime' on really loud, guaranteed to make anyone smile.

Mojito and Martini From a Bar in Bath

5, Foods and Drinks
Certain foods can up our moods and the two I have found and researched that improve our moods for summer are strawberries and Ice-cream.  I eat strawberries daily I LOVE THEM. I was going to write all the technical points to why they make you happy but don't want to bore you guys so you just need to take my word for this and eat these two yummy foods to feel happy.
I think drinks may be obvious, but it has to be Pimms and cocktails for the summer or Mocktails if you do not drink alcohol. My favourite summer cocktails have to be Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito

So hope my tips and hints help you all to be Summer Happy
And remember always SMILE

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Weekly Favourites- 17th july 2014

17.07.2014 Favourites
So here goes this weeks favourites my second ever blog. ENJOY
1, Pink Bag
This bag is a gorgeous pink colour and an idea shoulder bag. This bag is from Primark and costs only £6.00. This is such a bargain and its good quality so I feel it will last me a long time.
2, Gel Finish Nail Polish
This is a beautiful pink colour from Avon which cots £7.00. Sometimes you can get this cheap on offer half price. The colour I purchased was P806 Dazzle pink. I put this on my nails on Monday and its still lasting today (Thursday). I plan to buy more Gel nail polish from Avon after trying this one out.
3, Map My Run App
I downloaded this App last week as kept seeing it popping up on Facebook. I am trying to exercise more lately and this is great for motivation. You can pick the activity you wish to do for example, walk, run cycle and many more. It then records your distance, calories, time plus many more while showing you a map of your workout with GPS. Download this app for my information. I use this every day when I go walking at lunch time.
4, Spray and Go Vaseline
This is amazing for when you are in a rush in the mornings. You literally just spray this on your skin give it a quick rub and you are all ready and moisturised to go. I have cocoa radiant which smells delicious just like chocolate. So simple and quick to use.
5, Spa Find Energizing Toning Spray- Renewed Radiance
This has actually been a favourite of mine for the last 4 years, but seeing as I have only just started blogging I needed to share this with you. I had a facial at a spa one day and they used this on my skin which made me buy a bottle and I have purchased 3 more since. The bottle is 250ml so lasts up to a year. I spray this on my face first thing in the morning and in the evening before I moisturise. Its so refreshing and hydrating to my skin. Costs around £15-£20

Okay so that's my favourite 5 for this week. I am going to start blogging about other stuff now. So look out for another exciting blog at the weekend.

Thank you for reading

Thursday, 10 July 2014

FIRST EVER BLOG- 10th July 2014 Favourites

10.07.2014 Favourites

Welcome to my first EVER blog.

This is my weekly Favourites for 10th July 2014. See photo above (sorry not very clear need to improve on that)

1, My iPad
I only purchased this 3 weeks ago and I am ADDICTED I am not sure how I lived without this. I love watching my beauty You Tube videos on this and also keeping up to date with all my social media sites. So much easier than using my phone. 

2, LUSH Lip Scrub
So I went shopping in Bath at the weekend and treated myself to a few goodies. This Lip Scrub was one of them. I had seen it on the internet and thought I need to try this. I suffer from really dry lips probably from the lack of water I don't drink. So this scrub was great for exfoliating my lips. Its like eating a sugar doughnut and you end up just licking it off. But the scrub before you lick it off makes your lips all nice and soft. I have Bubble gum flavour but they also do this in Popcorn and Mint flavours as well. It cost around £5.

3, Hawaiian Tropic Body Butter
Another beauty must have for me this week is this Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body butter. It smells gorgeous and makes my skin silky soft. The scent is described as fresh lime coolada.You put it on your body and it feels like your on holiday just from the scent.

4, Mac Lipstick
Also on my shopping trip to Bath at the weekend I purchased my first ever MAC Lipstick. OMG you need to buy some of these if you do not yet own one. Mine costs just £15.50 from the MAC store. It applies on your lips really easily and also lasts longer than most lipsticks. How did I pick my colour? As soon as I walked into the store a nice gentlemen welcomed me and helped me straight away. I told him I was looking for an every day lipstick that wasn't shiny and was a pastel pink colour. I ended up with the colour PINK PLAID Matte lipstick. I love it.

5, The Fault In Our Stars
So my last favourites of the week is a film I watched at the cinema on Tuesday night. I went with two of my good friends and we had a proper girly night at the cinema with loads of popcorn and fizzy drinks. I will be honest I wasn't expecting much before I went to see this film but there was a little twist in it and I was gripped from beginning till end. I don't want to say too much as wouldn't want to ruin it for anybody. But definitely a must see and don't forget your tissues.

Please comment, tell me your favourites or any suggestions or comments about my first blog.
Thank you for reading