Monday, 23 October 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 23rd October 2017

Beef curry with rice and nan bread (left over beef from the roast dinner on Sunday)

Stir fry pork with vegetables and Chinese sauce

Gnocchi Bolognese

Lemon and herb chicken with salad roast potatoes and beetroot

Gammon, egg and chips

Out for dinner

Toad in the hole with mash, broccoli and peas

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

At the Pumpkin Patch

I love autumn and I am so excited of all the fun activities we can get up to.

There are not many Pumpkin Patches near to where I live. I managed to find one after doing a little research online.

We visited Farrington’s Farm at the weekend to attend there Pumpkin Festival. I met up with a friend and her niece. It was such a lovely autumnal day out. When we got there we headed to the Pumpkin patch and looked for a little pumpkin for Sonny. I loved walking round the field taking photos. Sonny didn’t enjoy it much as he found it tricky walking through the field without tripping over the pumpkins.

After picking the perfect pumpkin we then went to wash them off, we managed to get ourselves wet in the process of doing this.

They had an activities tent where you paid £2.50 per child and got a carving kit with this. We went and carved our pumpkins in the tent, although Sonny couldn’t get involved in this he was too little and just watched or tried to run away.

We then went to the story barn to listen to a story about a square pumpkin, they were showing the movie as well but we never got round to watching this.

There were other activities going on but as it’s the only pumpkin patch around the area it was so busy and manic we didn’t get round to doing them all.

We grabbed some fish and chips and had some lunch before heading home.

Sonny loved talking to his pumpkin when we got home. He wasn't so keen on the movie, which I ended up buying on DVD for him. Maybe he will enjoy this more next year.

Visiting a pumpkin patch is a great autumn/halloween activity to do and I think it will become one of our halloween traditions now.

Have you visited a pumpkin patch this year? If anybody know of any good ones in the South West of England let me know in the comments for next year.

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I also filmed my weekend and you can view this on YouTube on the below link

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Weekly Meal Plan | 18th September 2017

Stir fry beef with vegetables and noodles

Spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread

Tuna jacket potatoes with salad

Crispy chicken fajitas with Mexican rice

Breaded cod with skinny fries and peas

Slow cooker curry with rice

Roast dinner

Monday, 4 September 2017

Pregnancy Announcement with Baby Number Two

I can finally announce I am pregnant with baby number two. I had my scan on Tuesday 29th August and everything is all good so I can now shout about it.
It all happened so quickly actually within the first month of trying. Darren was very shocked but obviously very happy as well.
My due date is 7th March 2018 which I think is a lovely time to be pregnant just in time for the nice weather to kick in.
I was so nervous about the first scan and it seemed to take ages to come around. I guess you’re more aware of how important the scan is the second time around. The scan photos come out so clearly and the baby was in a good position.
This was just a quick blog post to announce the pregnancy and I will be sharing more on my blog during my pregnancy.
Let me know if your pregnant also and we can go on this journey together.
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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A visit to Oceanarium Bournemouth

I managed to get us some free tickets through my Tesco Clubcard points to have entry to the aquarium in Bournemouth. We visited Oceanarium on Saturday as a family.

When we got our tickets, we were told it was an all day ticket. I thought that was really good, we could pop in and out throughout the day if we wanted. The feed times are throughout the day, so if missed them you could pop back later to watch them if you wanted to.

Its costs around £12 an adult and Sonny was free as he is age 2. We got in free as mentioned above as I used my Clubcard points.

Its a lovely little aquarium and has a range of sea life, otters, penguins, jelly fish, turtles, crocodile, shark, puffer fish and many more.

Sonny really enjoyed walking round and seeing all the different things, he loved just watching the fish in the big tanks. I think it's a great age to take a child to the aquarium as he seemed amazed by it all. They also had a little play area and a café which we didn't actually try out but it did look good. The café looks out to the beach and the sea so it has amazing views.

I love how close you can get to everything and see everything so clearly. They also have feeding times and presentations throughout the day. They have the times for these out on a board outside the aquarium but they also give them to you when you buy a ticket. We didn't attend any of these as Sonny wouldn't stay to listen for long enough.

Sonny was tired so we didn't stay in the aquarium too long and he fell asleep as soon as we left.

Although I thought it was quite small and it only took us around an hour to walk round I would still visit again. I am unsure if I would pay full price to visit and I would probably buy the tickets through the Clubcard points again.

Next year we plan to visit Weymouth Sealife which I hear is better than the Oceanarium.

Which is your favourite aquarium?

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Bridesmaids and Flower Girls | Wedding Series

I was so lucky to have my two best friend’s book to come away to Cyprus for our wedding. I had been bridesmaids for both my best friends Claire and Sarah so I really wanted them to be there for my day.

So I asked Claire and Sarah to be my bridesmaids and they were delighted. I also asked Darren’s sister at Christmas if she would also like to be my bridesmaid and she also was happy and said yes.

For my little flower girls I had Claire's daughters Evelyn (5) Elsie (3) and Sarah’s daughter Lily (4).

The flower girls dresses were the easiest to find. We didn’t want to drag the little girls around the shops so ordered 3 different dresses from Next and found one that everyone loved straight away. Even the little ones loved it and they felt like little princesses in them. That was the easy part.

For the big girl bridesmaids I knew what colour I wanted it was just finding the right dress in that colour which was the hardest part.

We looked everywhere online and also tried a few from Next but they looked awful when we received them. I finally found a perfect one on and luckily everyone loved it and they fitted each bridesmaid so lovely. We went for a mint colour which I thought would be perfect for a wedding abroad.

I let the bridesmaids pick their own shoes as I wanted them to feel comfortable on the day.

I ordered some flower girl baskets off amazon and they were so cheap, I also ordered them a few fake rose petals to go inside and the girls loved these.

For the big girl bridesmaids I ordered them a single Ivory rose which was fresh on the day. it was wrapped in a light pink ribbon to match my flowers.

I think they all looked so beautiful on the day and made my day that extra special.

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Thursday, 3 August 2017


I was kindly sent some Marigold products to celebrate their 70 year anniversary.

I was just expecting to receive some rubber gloves but I had a small box of goodies all by the Marigold brand. I never realised they there was so many different products. You can now not only get gloves but scrunchie and cloths as well.

In the box I have

Wipe away clothes
Longer bathroom gloves
Handy lightweight gloves
Cleaning me softly sponges

The Marigold gloves are so good and can be used for many things. Washing up being the most popular, but also they can be used for cooking, cleaning and DIYing.

I love using the Marigold gloves for cleaning the cooker or BBQ as the cleaning products I use for these can sometimes have strong chemicals so I like to protect my hands. I also like the fact they come in different sizes, I have quite small hands so this is handy for someone like me.

Being a mummy I wash up so much during the day so using Marigolds stops my hands from drying out and protects them.

I think everyone has heard of Marigolds and has used them at some point in their lives.

One lady at work said that she can’t use other branded rubber gloves as she has a reaction but she never seems to get a reaction with the Marigolds.

I used the scunchie to clean my oven as it needed a good scrub and clean and this helps get the grime off the cooker while using the gloves to stop me from getting dirty and to stop the chemicals from touching my skin.

I think Marigolds is a fantastic product which will continue to grow and sell for many years to come.

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